Quotable Quotes

May 7, 2008

Do you know someone you’re always quoting the same movies with?  I do.  My co-worker Scott and I will pass by each other at work, and either he or I will quote from either of the CANNONBALL RUN movies.  I know, I know, these movies are not exactly Oscar-worthy films, but that doesn’t matter to Scott and me.  If I ask him , “Why did he call me small?”  Scott will always answer, “Because you’re small, small, s-m-all!”.

Why do we like to quote our favorite movies so much?  I think the answer is because those movies make us forget how difficult real-life can be.  Throw out a favorite line from a favorite movie and you’re almost always going to get a reply.  Of course, I wouldn’t recommend doing this in church or in court, but during a free moment in your work day always seems right.

So, what are some of my favorite quotable movies?  I mentioned YELLOW SUBMARINE last week.  I love quoting anything from the Sea of Monsters scene, particularly, “You’ve got to steer clear!  Steer clear? Yes steer!  Clear?  Yes dear!”.

Then there’s MURDER BY DEATH.  I love quoting the moments when Truman Capote angrily corrects Peter Sellars’ grammatical mistakes.  Watch the movie.  You’ll understand.

My favorite quote from the second AUSTIN POWERS movie (and it was tough to think of a favorite) comes when Austin meets his past self.  They just go on about how attractive they are (I know that’s not the word, but I try to remember that young people might be reading this), and Dr. Evil has to mention how ridiculous the whole situation has gotten.

Even though the next favorite of mine comes from a comedy, the quote itself is a really good definition of how I live my faith life.   “It can happen!” comes from the Disney remake of ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD, as does “You just gotta believe.”  They are among the most encouraging thoughts to come out of Hollywood.

Last but not least is the President’s speech from ARMAGEDDON.  He delivers a beautiful speech about humanity’s desire to learn and explore succeeds in bringing the international community together.  The payoff at the end always makes me believe that, as far as that movie goes, the arguments that separated those people no longer seem important.  They’re going to work harder to live in peace than ever before.

What are some of your favorite quotable quotes?  Why do you like them.  Do you find, as I do that most come from comedies?  Feel free to share your thoughts!



  1. You talkin to me?

  2. Ah, yes TAXI DRIVER (or, in my case ADVENTURES OF ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE, when DeNiro does a spoof of his most famous line). I’ve done that myself complete with the frown and the scrunched eyebrows lol!

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