Second Chances

May 15, 2008

Sometimes I need to watch a movie again to really appreciate it.  No, I’m not talking about changing my SPEED RACER review, I’m talking about those movies you see once, but don’t appreciate right away, but the more often you run across it, and watch it, the more you like it.

JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY is a good example.  I saw it on cable a year before I graduated high school.  At the time, I thought it was one of the dumbest movies I had ever seen.  I would make it a point to AVOID watching this movie.  Then I realized I might be missing something.  I watched it again, and started to laugh-genuine laughter.  I watched it again several times before investing in my own copy, and it’s now one of my all time favorite slapstick comedies.

The classic film MARY POPPINS is another great example.  My parents took me to see it when I was about 10 or 11.  I sat in that theater bored by parts of it, and annoyed with the movie’s music soundtrack.  I didn’t realize at the time that movie musicals tend to use elements of the songs as underscoring, all I knew was that the underscore annoyed me to no end.  A couple of years later we got the Disney Channel as a premium service (remember that it WAS a premium service early on?), and it wasn’t long before MARY showed up on the schedule.  Of course my parents controlled the remote, so we watched it.  I enjoyed it a little more this time.  It still wasn’t a favorite yet, but it was starting to grow on me.  These days, I find myself thinking about the subtleties and subtext of the story, as well as the relationships of the characters, and the Banks family, Bert, and the practically perfect nanny are people I’m glad I got to meet on the screen.

So, here’s some friendly advice from the old MovieZone.  If you’ve seen a movie that everyone seemed to like but you, don’t close your mind to the option of giving it a second look.  You may surprise yourself.  As I just said to a reply of my SPEED RACER review, I don’t believe film makers intentionally set out to make a bad movie.  We just don’t always respond like we hoped we would, or something in the process just goes wrong.


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