Substance Instead of Style

May 19, 2008

Those of you who read my review of SPEED RACER and my column about HANGING UP may have noticed something.  That something was that I didn’t try to make clever puns out of the titles or the plot points I discussed.  That is something that turns me off to most of the mainstream print critics.  Today is no exception as the critics got a first look at the latest INDIANA JONES movie and couldn’t wait to start with the negative punning.  I get distracted by reviews such as these.

If a critic doesn’t enjoy a movie, or even think it should have seen daylight, I have no problem with that.  His or her tastes will not always agree with yours or mine.  But, why, may I ask do these critics feel it necessary to litter their negative reviews with clever puns and wordplay?  Is it anger?  Maybe.  I certainly wasn’t too happy last Saturday night when I got home and sat down at my keyboard.  Is it because these critics are HAPPY the movie failed to meet their expectations?  If so, then that is just plain cruelty and demonstrates a close-mindedness to the different genres of movies that are now playing at your local theater.  I said I was never a real fan of zombie style movies, but I was thrilled with I AM LEGEND.  You need to stay open if you’re going to do this type of writing.

Well, whatever the reason, let me make this promise to you who have discovered the MovieZone and have responded so positively.  If I love a movie, I’ll let you know, and I promise to try to stay professional about it.  And you are free to agree or disagree as you see fit.  If I DON’T like a movie to the degree of my most recent review, I’ll tell you why, and I promise to keep the puns and wordplay to a minimum.  I can express myself WITHOUT them.  I wonder if the mainstream critics could do the same?


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