More than Just SUNSHINE

June 26, 2008

Back at the end of April, I introduced you to my friend Heather Ferreira, and the world of SUNSHINE AGAIN.  Well, faithful readers, it is my happy duty to report that Heather is now a member of the WordPress community, and you can access her blog from mine by clicking on her link in my blogroll.  I strongly encourage you to do this, as you will read a fascinating interview in four parts on the site.

That brings me to the subject of this entry.  It turns out that our Heather is a wellspring of creativity and ideas for shows.  SUNSHINE AGAIN is just one project she has cooking over at her production company TeeVeeRex.  Pay a visit to her site at teeveerex.com, and you will find a grand total of 14(!) original concepts waiting to roll out (and yes that does include the flagship show I hope you all soon discover).  The common thread in all of these projects, as you will learn in the about section of the site, is that these shows are tributes to what were some of the best years of TV for people in Heather’s and my age group.  I just took a quick look at the description of the Supertwins Variety Hour, and immediately began to think of my favorite variety shows from my childhood, specifically THE HUDSON BROTHERS RAZZLE DAZZLE SHOW (now available from a Canadian company called Video Source, and highly recommended, if for no other reason than to watch Rod Hull and his Emu), and the ever-popular Friday night staple of DONNY AND MARIE.

The sitcom section boasts some original ideas that I am really taken with.  I love the concepts behind Grover, Barrytown, Tokens and Popcorn (the last one in particular for obvious reasons).  I can just see them all playing on a Saturday Night.  I also happen to think that Broads is a very ambitious idea that has not been tested yet.  I think it could be as empowering now as RHODA was in the 1970s or GOLDEN GIRLS and DESIGNING WOMEN were back in the 1980s.  My guess is that Heather would probably go more along with RHODA, but that’s just a guess.  It’s just hard for me to pick a favorite idea right now, because I find something to like in each of these concepts.

Thinking about these ideas puts me in mind of how E.B. White concludes his classic story of CHARLOTTE’S WEB.  So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to take a cue from Mr. White, and say this about Heather Ferreira, and her creativity.  It’s not often that someone comes along who is a good friend, and a good writer who is full of imagination.  Heather is both.


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