You Can’t Stop the Dob!

July 21, 2008

Yes, readers, it’s time for another profile.  To my friends at golden-road.net, he’s affectionately known as “The Dob”.  To everyone who works at THE PRICE IS RIGHT, he is Executive Producer Roger Dobkowitz.  Roger recently left THE PRICE IS RIGHT after 36 years of dedicated service.  This column, though, is not a rant or rave about how and why this came about.  I’ve read enough about that to last a while, and I DON’T want comments here about that either. Rather, this is my little thank you to Mr. Dobkowitz for taking the time to accept my invitation to visit my blog, and write back to me about it.

With 36 years on THE PRICE IS RIGHT, I can safely say that I have been familiar with Roger’s work on that show since the get-go.  Before he became the Executive Producer, Roger would quite often be working behind the scenes on the mechanics of the many games that PRICE offers on a daily basis.  Every once in a while, even back then, Bob would have Roger step out from behind a game to say hello.  Occasionally, these hellos were the result of a mechanical malfunction.  I believe YouTube has a playing of “Cliffhangers” in which Roger is supposedly operating Hans the mountain climber, and steps out from behind the game due to a boo-boo.  Over the years, Roger moved up in the PRICE ranks to become more involved in the creative process.  This included everything from contestant interviews to game creations (his final new pricing game will debut in September).  Yet it was Bob Barker’s frequent questions to Roger about game statistics that gave America the chance to see one of the creative forces behind one of America’s best-loved TV shows.  It didn’t seem to matter what the question was either, when the camera was on Roger, he had an answer and a smile (I think a devilish smile sometimes).  Sometimes you’d even see him at the opening of an episode, whipping an already hyper audience up into an even bigger frenzy.

But Roger’s talents were not limited to PRICE.  During PRICE’S early years, CBS was also producing a revival of MATCH GAME.  Roger was a production assistant on that show, effectively giving him double duties.  Needless to say, in the early days of these classic game shows, Roger was spending A LOT of time at The Bob Barker Studio (which was called Studio 33, at that time).  It would not surprise me if Roger had more than a few stories to tell about what went on with Gene Rayburn and the regular and semi-regular cast of characters that played MATCH GAME over the years.

So, Roger, I want to say thank you. Thank you for first of all for taking the time to read my blog.  It really demonstrates what a class act and true gentleman you are.  I also want to thank you for your creative genius that helped me be a loyal fan and true of two of the best-loved and classic game shows that ever aired on CBS.  Whatever the future may hold for you, Mr. Dobkowitz, you will always be a welcome visitor to the MovieZone.


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