More madness about Madsion Avenue

October 19, 2009

In a recent post, I targeted two advertising camapigns that were a major insult to my intelligence.  In case you couldn’t figure them out, they were Old Navy , and their insipidly stupid talking mannequins (and yes, I hope an Old Navy exec is reading this-my 5 year old god daughter is smarter than your commercials!), and Burger King with their morons dressed as menu items.  Thankfully, I haven’t seen that in a while.

Buth ON and BK are far from the only companies trying to suck IQ points out of our brains.  My next targets are Light and Fit Yogurt, and Chef Boyardee.  I’ll start with the yogurt, and their dainty little vampire shoplifter.  You must have seen this eyesore of an ad.  The woman in the commercial has the yogurt.  She rips off the cover, places the cup to her mouth.  We are then FORCED to listen to this deees-gusting slurping noise, while we watch her guzzle the stuff, and watch the container collapse.  The cup falls to the ground, and she looks coyly around, like she just did the cutest widdle thing—tee-effing-hee.  Folks, does the word SHOPLIFTER mean anything to you, ’cause that is exactly what she is doing, right in the store.  I keep PRAYING that a store security guard comes along and hauls her shoplifiting ass to JAIL.  Seriously, I don’t care how hot and seductive she thinks she’s trying to be.  She JUST STOLE MERCHANDISE!!!!

Then there’s the Chef Boyardee “secretly nutritious” campaign inwhich parents don’t want their school aged children to realize that what they’re eating is nutritious.  Chef Boyardee blatantly rfails to realize to things in their effort to insult our intelligence.  1.  As soon as these “kids” see themselves on TV, or see a similar ad for the SAME PRODUCT, they’re gonna KNOW it’s nutritious.  Secondly, these “kids” are of an age where they could probably read what’s on the can for themselves.  It ain’t a secret anymore, Chef.  No matter how much Mom bangs the pots and pans, or has an inner conversation with herself in which she GIVES AWAY what the can says.  The secret is out.  Is it any wonder I use my DVD player almost every night?


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  1. For more commercial-hating fun, visit http://forums.commercialsihate.com/default.asp

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