Theme Music Spotlight: TRIVIA TRAP (1984)

April 13, 2010

I think it’s time for a new feature, don’t you?  In keeping with the current direction of the blog, I figure that every now and then I’ll talk about my favorite pieces of TV music.  When possible, I’ll post a Youtube clip that features the theme.  Naturally, I want to start with one from the world of game shows, since that’s where a lot of favorites of mine come from.

Network: ABC

Who wrote it:  Edd Kalehoff

Instrumentation: Mostly synthesizers, with a flute-like synth lead, slap bass, and percussive drum kit.

This may seem like an odd choice, since TRIVIA TRAP didn’t light the fires of ABC’s daytime lineup, especially since it went up against a certain 60 minute CBS megahit, but I did want to start with one that I knew had a Youtube link.  What I love about Edd’s theme is it’s unfailing optimistic sound.  This is accomplished with the flutey synth lead’s rising note sequnce.  It’s cheerful and fun, and never flags.  The backing instrumentation is classic Kalehoff, with the heavy bass guitar leading the way for the backing synthesizers.  Those backing synths, by the way, get their own chance to shine as the theme approaches the final chorus.  I fell in love with this theme the first time I heard it.  Every time I play it on my desktop, or on my Minidisc player, I feel great.  Edd would soon work with the game show creators at Nickelodeon, so it’s possible that this was one of Edd’s last daytime network pieces, except for new cues written for PRICE IS RIGHT.  Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!



  1. This was on GSN about 3 years ago. What a classic 80s gem!!

    • I remember the first time I got to watch TRIVIA TRAP on a long weekend break in 1984. Shame ABC put it into the 11:30 death slot. Then when they revamped the format, we lost that nifty opening animation with the images flying in and out of the screen.

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