Where Have I Been??????

September 24, 2014

I feel I owe you all a good explanation as to my sudden disappearance.  To start, I got hit with a terrible case of writer’s block.  I just didn’t have anything new to discuss.  I was also discouraged that I wasn’t getting new replies to my posts like I did when I started.  So, I decided to break from the blog for a while. Shortly after doing so, I met a terrific lady named Susan.  She and I had everything in common.  Who needs a blog when there’s someone there to be with you and love you, right?  We got engaged, and started planning a life together.  Sad to say, these plans would never be fulfilled.  Susan had illnesses that affected her physically and psychologically.  Things came to a tragic head early this year,when my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer.  He died in hospice less than a month later.  This sent my poor Susan into a tailspin she was never able to recover from, and in May, she took her own life.  I do not believe she planned this.  The hospital that was treating her messed with her medicine so badly, that the balance she had was gone.  I couldn’t afford to keep our condo, and there was no way I was going to stay there.  I am currently living in my childhood home, helping Mom clear things out, and rebuilding the bank account to get a new place for myself.

One day at work, I mentioned the blog, and I got to thinking of coming back.  My great coworkers said I should, and here I am.  I hope those of you who read me before will welcome me back, and if you’re a new reader, welcome to my return.  Now that I’ve cleared the air, read on to my next article, in w which a longtime musical mystery was recently solved for me.  PS please bear with any spacing errors you find in my post. I’m currently using the Kindle my dad left for me to type.  It ain’t easy!



  1. Welcome back! RIP Susan.

    • Thank you Dana. I had a feeling my first new reply upon my return would be from an old friend. I promise, once I’m set up in my new place, I’ll bring back the bells and whistles I used to include. It’s just hard to do on a Kindle 🙂

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