The new Musical Voice of the Muppets

September 25, 2014

During my time away, I had the chance to see both new Muppet movies.  I will admit, however, that it was with a degree of worry.  I still had bad memories of MUPPETS FROM SPACE, and its lack of original music.  What’s more, I wasn’t convinced that Brett Mackenzie would show any respect for the musical sound of the Muppets that Joe Raposo and Jeff Moss had already established.

I am happy to say that as soon as I heard the opening LIFE’S A HAPPY SONG in the first movie, my worries were over.  I could hear the banjo, I could hear the woodwind arrangements, and in the encore, there was Rowlf playing a tack piano intro.  Better still, Brett was able to capture Kermit’s regrets in the beautiful PICTURES IN MY HEAD, and scored Oscar gold with MAN OR MUPPET.  Brett’s  stock was on the rise with me.  But, as the song asked, could he do it all again?

The answer was a resounding yes when MUPPETS MOST WANTED came along.  The Raposo/Moss sound was even MORE detectable to my ears when the cast opened with WE’RE DOING A SEQUEL, with even more banjo and brass, and didn’t stop with that song.  That glorious sound showed up not once, but TWICE more with I’M NUMBER ONE and THE INTERROGATION SONG, which floored me.  And once more, we got a great emotional ballad in SOMETHING SO RIGHT.

So, Joe, Jeff and Jim, don’t worry about who’s going to make our beloved Muppets sing the way we know and love.  Brett Mackenzie has easily picked up and is carrying the torch.  If and when another sequel comes our way, I fully expect more great things from Brett.  In my always humble opinion, he can definitely do it all again.


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