It Made PICTIONARY look Good

October 6, 2014

Tonight Game Show Network treated us to an episode of ALL STAR SECRETS.  This was a favorite of mine growing up, and seeing it again was a real thrill. As an added bonus, we were given the chance to see an unaired pilot from 1984 called BABBLE.  Tom Kennedy hosted with the great Rod Roddy doing the announcer duties.  The music was the often recycled CELEBRITY CHARADES theme.  The object was for one team of three celebrities to describe a word or phrase as vaguely and as comically as possible.  The contestant had one guess as to what the answer was to win a dream trip.  If the contestant was wrong he/she could win a smaller prize by guessing whether an opposing team of celebrities would guess correctly by asking questions to the first team.

Where do I begin with the problems? I can’t fault Tom Kennedy too much.  He was doing the best he could. I will fault him for not really reigning in the celebrities as well as he could, especially when it came to panelist Marcia Wallace.  She just wanted to take over the whole show, and came off as annoying.  The question segments were way too unstructured. Regularly, a celebrity not being questioned would try to upstage the one being questioned. I lost track of who was doing what.  The set itself was just plain dull.  It looked like it had been grafted on to a talk show setting, with the show’s  logo just glued on to the walls. Thank God NBC went with SCRABBLE.  As pilots go, it made both PICTIONARY and the notoriously bad pilot for BAMBOOZLE tolerable. And that is saying a lot. Tom Kennedy was also lucky to land BODY LANGUAGE, and Rod could go back to PRESS YOUR LUCK.


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