Embracing the Silly Side

October 14, 2014

Okay, it’s taken me some time, but I can now call myself a full-fledged Spike Jones fan. I started listening to some tracks at work, to lift my mood, and instantly found some new favorite novelties. First there’s WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE. Just mention the word “feedlebaum”, and watch me break into a silly grin. I won’t spoil the reference here. You have to hear for yourself. Next there’s George Rock singing I’M FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES in his famous little boy falsetto. George is the man who made TWO FRONT TEETH a holiday classic. Here, George turns BUBBLES into a temper tantrum filled plea for gum.

The one that hits me every time is MAN ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE, sung by Doodles Weaver. Actually, butchered is a better word, as Doodles mangled the lyrics with hilarious results, and punctuated his one line ad libs with “That’s A Killer!”

Watching Spike and the gang in action gives you a better idea of not only their highly manic slapstick style, but also how hard they worked. Especially Spike. Literally, this guy was constantly moving about to make sure the timings were exact. He moved like an athlete, and I have such admiration for that. If you get the chance, watch his profile on YouTube, and you’ll see. So embrace your silly side with Spike. It’s worth it.


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