Where’s the love for SWITCHEROO?

October 22, 2014

I used to be an active member of a PRICE IS RIGHT discussion forum, and one frequent question used to pop up frequently: why don’t they play SWITCHEROO more often? It’s a good question. SWITCHEROO has all the elements that make a great pricing game: a great red, white and blue color scheme, the classic egg-crate light displays for the timer and number right indicator, push button mechanisms to flip the prize name to the answer, checkmark boxes that light up next to each prize, the contestant gets to use numbered blocks to play, and it’s had three great think cues during its lifetime, with the current cue, THE HEAD CLOWN, still very much in use.

So, the question again, why don’t we see it more often. Allow me to give you this theory. It’s a tough game to set up properly. I don’t mean the car and small prizes. I mean the game itself. First, it’s the largest game on the turntable. I love seeing it spin around, because you don’t think it’s going to clear the rotation. Still, it’s got to be a bear to load on to the turntable. Then there’s the board itself. The board is assembled by using cards from the art department. I did the math, and there are 18 individual cards on the game board: 8 for the known digits in each prize, most for the car, 5 for the prizes’ names, and 5 for their prices, which need to be placed correctly on the flip side of the reveal.

That’s a lot of prep work for a game that’s seen onstage for just one brief segment. Plus the electrical doodads have to be working right. So, maybe that’s why we only see this game about once a month. What do you think? Reply here and share your thoughts.


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