A Popular Expression I Can Do Without

December 11, 2014

Be warned, this is not my usual light entry. If you visit here wanting that, I recommend visiting the archives until next time.  Here goes: Have you noticed lately that when someone pours their heart out in relating a recent tragic or stressful event, the person they are talking to will answer “It is what it is.” with an almost dismissive attitude? I sure have, in fact, I heard it a lot this year during the tragic events that make me glad the year is almost over. And, truth be told, the next person who says it to me is going to get an ear full.

Ask yourself these questions next time you’re tempted to use this phrase: Would you use it with the surviving families of those killed by terrorists? Not me, I’d offer a shoulder to cry on. Would you say it to a family that lost irreplaceable memories and a roof over their heads in a fire? Again, not me. I’d be trying to find a way to help them. And what about those impacted by the justice system failing the families of those young people killed by those officers in Ferguson, New York, and Ohio? Would you have the guts to tell those families, their friends and the impacted communities that it is what it is? If you do, I suggest you sleep with one eye open, because someone will be looking for you, and it won’t be to say Merry Christmas.

We’re supposed to treat each other the way we want to be treated, and I believe that is how we’ll be judged in the end. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my Creator judge me with a callous “It is what it is, you’re going to Hell.” “It is what it is” has become, at least for me, code for “I don’t care enough about you to help you through your difficulty”. Frankly, it needs to stop.


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