A very special thank you (or should I say Obrigado?) to my good friend Heather Ferreira. By her kind permission, I will be keeping you updated about the goings-on at SUNSHINE AGAIN. Because I value and cherish Heather’s friendship, I will only publish those items that Heather approves for announcement. Furthermore, please understand that Heather is VERY busy with her projects, so patience for these updates will be GREATLY appreciated:-). As I am still new to blogging, the updates will be posted here.

6/27/08. Get out your markers and your crayons, because SUNSHINE AGAIN now has a coloring book available for sale through the website. Loyal fans and true of the people behind Classic Sesame Street will recognize a few faces. I don’t need to tell you which one is the best of the dead ringers in my opinion.

Speaking of faces, the new cast is now in place and is ready to start filming and taping. Best of luck to: Colleen Gorman, Phyllis Cordova, Luis Suarez, Hakim Bellamy, and special best wishes to Adrian Simoes. Adrian has what could possibly be the toughest shoes to fill playing resident pianist Joe. But judging from his talents and basic physical description (not to mention the sample coloring book page), Joe, er Adrian, should do quite well.

One more thing for those of you in the Rhode Island area (and I know a few of my readers are!).  SUNSHINE AGAIN is NOT currently airing on the COX COMMUNICATIONS local access channels.  I just got off the phone with a representative who knew absolutely NOTHING about SUNSHINE AGAIN.  If you are reading this, and you are one of my faithful readers from the Rhode Island area, then PLEASE call Cox Communications about this show.  I tried to explain it to the representative, but I don’t think I did a very good job.  Sorry, Heather :-(.

July 14:  Heather is currently working with puppeteer Joel Brubacher on some of the puppet characters for SUNSHINE AGAIN.  If you go to Joel’s BANJO PUPPETS website, you will see for yourself why Heather has taken this puppeteer on board for her show.  Best wishes for success, Joel!  And again, everyone, don’t forget to call your cable company to ask for SUNSHINE!

July 25:  Heather has launched yet another website.  This one is her own personal webpage.  Right now there’s just the home page and the biography page up and running, but give her time, friends.  The home page promises much for those willing to wait.  The address is heatherferreira.com.  Do stop by when you can.


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